The Jeep JK Flexible Bumper System, allows you to create a bumper that suits your lifestyle, whether it be Rock Crawling, Mall Crawling or Desert Romping. See all of the available Top Hoops and Side Caps. Jeep JK Stealth Fighter Front Bumper Center w/Tow Hooks and Flush Mount holes for LED Lights. Fits up to a 12k lb. winch, comes with standard flat ends and bolts directly to the frame without any interference to airbag sensors. Tow Hooks allow for ease of towing, as well as recovery. Features: .120" Wall Steel Tube Construction Laser Cut Skid plates, Tabs and Plates for a Precise Fit Direct fit – No Cutting or Welding required Stainless Steel Hardware **2013 and Newer models require the vacuum pump to be relocated**

Product Overview:

    Jeep JK Stealth Fighter Jeep front center bumper with Winch mounts and Tow Hooks and front LED flush mount light openings With ADD Logo in Hammer Black with Satin Black panels


   • Winch Mount

    • Tow Hook

    • Bumper Color: Hammer Black

    • Panel Color: Satin Black

    • Lower Mount: LED Flush Mount

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Stealth Fighter Front Bumper

  • $795.96