The HoneyBadger SuperDuty Chase Rack’s modular design allows you to add what you want, where you need it, with three key components: base rack, tire carrier, and the roof rack. Mix and match modular components to build a chase rack for your Ford F-250/F-350's needs. With the optional HoneyBadger roof rack for the Ford SuperDuty, you can add further utility to your chase rack. The roof rack module contains two locking tool boxes on the rear of the roof rack for convient storage. With mounts for dual 50" Rigid LEDs on the front and multiple mounts for Rigid SR-Q flush mounts on the sides and rear the HoneyBadger roof rack addon provides your vehicle with extra lighting when you need it.

Product Overview:

    1999 - 2016 Ford F250/350 HoneyBadger Chase Rack Roof Rack Addon with Dual 50" LEDs in front and SR-Q mounts on sides and rear in Satin Black. Requires base unit


   • Requires HoneyBadger chase rack base unit

    • 3 Piece Modular Design

    • Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    • Bolts to the HoneyBadger Chase Rack base unit

    • Color: Satin Black

    • Locking tool boxes

    • Front Mount: Dual 50" Rigid LEDs

    • Side Mounts: Rigid SR-Q Flush

    • Rear Mounts: Rigid SR-Q Flush

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HoneyBadger Chase Rack Roof Rack

  • $2,656.79