nGauge custom tunes are built with great care to both extract maximum as well as do it with an unheard level of safely. We don’t look for every last horsepower, we look to enhance every part of the driving experience where the factory fell short. On applications that support our auto-octane feature, the customer no longer needs to worry about driving their performance tune on a long family trip or other large distance where the quality of the premium fuel is possibly suspect. Our tuning will allow for a boost reduction all the way down to stock levels if the driver decides to or accidentally puts 87 octane in the tank. No other tuner offers this feature (that we are aware of). With custom tunes, you don’t get a tune that is only good for the track, or cruising, or maximum fuel economy. You will  get a balance of everything that enhances the driving experience.


Stock: 327HP and 349LB Torque

Tuned: 435HP and 481LB Torque

HP Tuners nGauge

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Ngauge Tuner with 2017 - 2020 Raptor Performance & Tow Tunes

  • $699.95