This is a custom manufactured mandrel bent exhaust Y Pipe made here in the USA for all 1999 and some 2000 F250 F350 F450 F550 Excursion 2 and 4 wheel drive 6.8L V10 and 5.4L V8. It has two 2.5" mandrel bent pipes transitioning to 3".

Ford's factory y pipe is formed and does not direct the exhaust and harmonic vibrations out which restricts the exhaust flow, forcing you to lose HP, torque and gas efficiency. The SPD's collector utilizes the pulse vacuum that is generated.

Pulse Vacuum - By grouping primary exhaust tubes into a collector, the vacuum pulse from one cylinder can be used to create a vacuum on the other exhaust ports. This vacuum will cause the exhaust to begin flowing more quickly as the exhaust valve opens. The collector must be long enough and small enough to keep the inertia of the exhaust pulse optimized while keeping back-pressure low.

*** Gas Mileage Increase:  You will get an extra 1-2 mpg ( results on 6.8L V10 ) because the engine is not having to force the exhaust. You will immediately notice that acceleration and maintaining cruising speed will take much less throttle.***      

It's very easy to install. Just cut the old y pipe out and weld the new performance Y Pipe in. It comes with a coupler for easy install. Due to legal mumbo jumbo, "this product is for off-road use only".

**For all 2000 models: Please check your truck to make sure it matches the factory y pipe photo above. This y pipe will not fit some of the 2000 models.**

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1999 - 2000 Superduty & Excursion Exhaust Y-Pipe

  • $119.95